Dual DHA vector drive cable less heliostats

Dual Digital Hydraulic Actuators(Cylinders) vector drive cable less heliostats

Large scale, no cable (no power cable, by photovoltaic power supply) for heliostats is the latest international development trend in Solar-thermal power generation. The Stellio Heliostat invented by SBP in Germany is vector controlled by double push rod, which greatly reduces the cost and improves the precision greatly. It brings many technical advantages and has received extensive attention from the industry. But the larger heliostat needs hydraulic drive. On the basis of SBP's Stellio Heliostat, using the international leading digital hydraulic technology, we have made innovative realization of the dual digital hydraulic  cylinder vector drive the non cable large Heliostat. The patent ensures the precise control of Heliostat horizontal angle and pitch angle, and it also has advantages:

The installed power is less than 180 watts, using photovoltaic self power supply to reduce the demand for power grid.

It can achieve no cable, greatly reduce cable cost, project cost and project implementation time.

Greatly reduce battery capacity, reduce investment and maintenance workload and cost;

Reduce the power of self - use and increase the amount of electricity generated online.

With self weight, heliostat can run safe mode in 1 minute without energy consumption and impact on the power grid.

The wide temperature range and high pollution resistance make the system simple, reliable and stable, and reduce the workload and cost of maintenance and repair.

The higher precision of drive control is better than 0.8mrad.

It can drive larger heliostat (100-200 square meters), thereby reducing the number of heliostats and reducing the project cost.

It can resist greater external load and adapt to harsh environment and strong wind.

The control algorithm is simple, which greatly reduces the communication traffic and enables remote control of wireless network.

The digitization system is more advanced, and lower the cost of comprehensive operation and maintenance.

Because the hydraulic power density and overload capacity are more larger than reducer with motor for the heliostat driven, and it can use cheap hydraulic energy storage to reduce the installed capacity, and more because of its complete realization of the digital characteristics, so it is the leading technology in the tower type large setting heliostats control. Digital hydraulic technology is the latest international development trend, and is the upgrading technology of traditional hydraulic. Digital hydraulics has the precise control ability and precision of the servo valve, also has the digital characteristics and the stronger environmental tolerance. The system is simpler, without field complex debugging, long maintenance cycle and a series of obvious advantages, and has been obtained in the fields of military industry, hydraulic power generation, metallurgy, heavy machine tools and so on. In the control of tower type heliostat for solar thermal power generation, digital hydraulic technology is also applied to the system exported to Spain. It can satisfy the level azimuth and pitching direction control of 100-180 square meter heliostat, which is better than 0.5 mRad.


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