Digital hydraulic drive control system of self elevating offshore platform


Jack up platform comprises a lifting type and climbing type. Climbing type platform is the core of self climbing device of hydraulic oil motor drive, requires very high security and reliability, and the synchronization accuracy of the system operation.

Digital hydraulic motor as the core drive control unit, not only to ensure that the self climbing in various parts of the high precision synchronization, the digital hydraulic device is acid and alkali resistant stainless steel material, withstand the harsh marine environment, anti oil (9-11 levels of ability, high and low temperature range (- 40 ~ 200 DEG C) wide, electromagnetic compatibility is good, has the unique digital multi motors in parallel, multiple digital valve in parallel, multi pump units in parallel, multi control system without master-slave mutual thermal inspection parallel high reliable working mode, making self elevating offshore platform safety reliability is much higher than that of the system.

Digital hydraulic motor operating characteristics of complete digitization of operation performance of motor entirely by electric pulse control, pulse frequency is corresponding to the digital hydraulic motor speed, pulse number is corresponding to the digital hydraulic motor rotation, as long as gave the same digital hydraulic motor is the electrical pulse signal control, whether how much digital motor can ensure that high precision and high reliable synchronization.

Digital hydraulic motor can get rid of the transducer, electric control system and keep high precision and high reliability, under open loop control mode (also known as the additional added a set of electric sensing monitoring system, further improve the safety and reliability of the system), can meet any amount of the digital hydraulic motor synchronous work, to ensure the self elevating offshore platform security.

Digital hydraulic technology to promote the development of marine engineering technology innovation across the development.


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