Digital hydraulic drilling equipment for shale oil and gas

Digital hydraulic Oil Fracturing

Shale oil and gas in the process of taking a large number of use of hydraulic technology and products. System of traditional hydraulic components, not only design, sets, debugging and maintenance complex, due to a number of key components rely on imports, delivery cycle is long, expensive and many of the key control technology of Chinese enterprises to block or limit, the energy production of our country still can not get rid of dependence on imported equipment. Digital hydraulic pressure applied to the field of oil exploitation, which can not only get rid of dependence on imports of whole system or key components as well as the automation control and so on, can reduce the system constitute the cost, improve the technical performance index of the system, can make the oil mining equipment fast implementation of digital, equipment cluster information and intelligent development, provides a basic guarantee for China's energy industry to achieve innovation and development.

Digital hydraulic pump, digital hydraulic motor, digital hydraulic cylinder and all digital control system, will help China's oil exploration technology innovation, to provide the most advanced technology support for China's energy security.



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